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We are both full and part-time educators that believe in teaching children ways in which they can improve their cognitive ability which ensure that they make good citizen in the future.

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I entered my child into Weird Carnival and he seems to like everything they teach. He thinks and tries to solve his own small problems, which I as a parent was very proud of. I give this institution a five start to promote this behavior early on in my child. – Joe K. Fredricks

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Benefits of Homeschooling You Need To Know

Home Schooling

Quite a lot of people are shifting to homeschooling their kids. Pushing aside traditional learning methods, these parents are putting in their time and energy to educate their children right at home. However, quite a lot of people even question the homeschooling method of education. But amidst all of it, homeschooling has a lot of benefits which you need to know – read on:

  1. The monotonous routine of school:
    The reason why children get bored at school is the same old boring routine they have to undergo every day. This makes the children more tuned to the routine, with them losing their creativity and out-of-box thinking. When it comes to homeschooling, there’s no schedule of the kids learning, and the kids can freely choose the time when they want to study while allocating time for their passions too.
  2. Scope to learn new things:
    In schools, your child will be forced to learn things they aren’t even interested in. At the same time, if you homeschool them, they will pick things they want to learn. Children have an inquisitive mind, and exploring is what you have to allow them to do. As they explore, they will finally zero down on the things they find appealing. As a parent, even you could closely watch your child and understand where their inclination lies. Also, in the relaxed environment of your home, your child will flourish and have more scope to explore their potential.
  3. Group activities:
    Just because your child is homeschooled doesn’t mean he won’t know how to deal with the world around. Instead of enrolling your child in a school full of children just for the reason mentioned above, you could instead opt to homeschool your kid and enroll them in group activities outside school. There are tones of activities – music, cooking, art, mountaineering, sports, and so on for your kid to learn how to mingle and interact with people of their age and above.
  4. Teach kids a variety of things:
    Children are capable of retaining a lot more in their memory than what it’s presumed. Schooling them will only restrict their, not allowing them to explore their true potential. When homeschooled, you can teach your kid not only what is in the books, but also beyond that. Children pick languages really quickly; you can actually teach your kids multiple languages at home – which is impossible at school with its rigid curriculum!

You can try homeschooling your child and see if he’s receptive enough – else a school is always a great option!